Petar Slovic
JSPolice Review & Contributions
Let's improve JS Open Source Projects.

We would love YOU to join this movement!

If you like the idea of JS Police, you can become an author here.

In order to do that, send us a mail at with subject New JS Policeman: [Your Name]. In the email send us info about you, like your name, profile image you’d like us to use, links to your GitHub, Twitter and such, and a micro biography (100-200 chars). The only mandatory information are your name and a profile picture.

We’ll then get in touch with you to choose a repo that you’ll review (it can be any repo of your choice, even something that you created), and you can start reviewing! Please use markdown format in your writing. Here’s a really nice free online tool for that:

When you’re done, just shoot us an email with the review, including any images you’d like us to include, and we’ll publish it.

We hope that you will like writing with us!