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Petar Slovic Petar Slovic

Just a quick update - JS Police has successfully completed the Hacktoberfest. What is this thing with an awesome name, I hear you ask. It’s a challenge that is aimed at popularizing and celebrating Open Source.

So pretty much what we’d like to achieve with JS Police too. It’s realized as collaboration between Digital Ocean and GitHub, so you know that it’s awesome.

The goal is the create at least 4 real pull request on any and all GitHub repos in the month of October. If you do, you get a cool T-Shirt. So we’ve created 4 pull requests for SpoilerAlert - check out the review, and received an email a few days later saying that the T-Shirt should be shipping mid November.

Can’t wait for it to arrive! I’ll publish an update when it does.

Take care and remain Open Source!