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The First Review - We're ON!

Petar Slovic Petar Slovic

Today we’ve got our first pull request accepted, and a postive feedback! We take a moment to celebrate, and then go back to work.

Open Source projects are awesome, but it’s hard to just go in and contribute.

The entry barrier to Open Source projects is often too high, and as a result, there are many repositories that are used and enjoyed by people all over the world every day, yet there is only one (or few) maintainers. Everybody’s reporting issues they find, and that’s awesome, that’s a way of contributing - but - we need more people to get in there and get their hands dirty!

Not only will that help the community, by improving the code that people use, but it will also benefit those who take time and effort to contribute. It is a great way to learn, hands on. It will pump up your portfolio, so that when someone looks at your GitHub profile, they’ll be all like “Damnnn, this dude is so great at what he does, look how many contributions he has!”. So, everyone wins.

That’s a problem that I found myself thinking about. I felt like I have to do something about it. So I decided to contribute in the form of this blog, JS Police. It is a blog where I choose a cool JavaScript Open Source library and do a code review. I try to identify the architecture and note what’s good and bad about the code. I run the project through the checklist and post the results. Then I define what can be done to make the project better - add tests, refactor or work on issues. When we document all these things and talk openly about them, people find it easier to get started and contribute to an Open Source project.

But I don’t just talk the talk - that would be lame. I go in and actually do something about it. The plan is to submit a few pull requests for every project reviewed, and I feel that’s a great way of motivating others to do the same! This way people will see that it’s not so hard to contribute to a project.

The First Review

The first milestone is conquered! JS Police has it’s first review - ReadRemaining.js and it’s first pull request accepted! The feeling is amazing, and I look forward to pushing this forward.


If this sounds interesting to you, I invite you to join me on this journey of improving the world, one line of code at a time. Write a post for the blog, or do a review of a project - just shoot me an email at You will gain knowledge, a great portfolio and a warm fuzzy feeling that you’re doing something important.